Plantation Aquatics is now offering Club Membership to the Junior Lifeguard Club, which is part of the Queensland Lifeguard League Inc

How much will it cost and how can I pay?

$160.00 Payment can be Cash, Credit Card or using FairPlay vouchers. Fair Play were previously known as Get Going Vouchers.

What is a FairPlay Voucher?

FairPlay is a program for 5 to 17 year old children in Queensland that aims to encourage participation in sport and physical activity. To see if you are eligible or to find our more information, please go to

What will I get?

Benefits of membership include:

  • Junior Lifeguard Program
  • One Term of Swim and Survive Lessons
  • One term of recreational swimming entry for each registered child when accompanied by a full fee paying adult
  • Coffee Voucher
  • Kiosk Voucher 10% Off
  • First Aid & CPR Voucher 10% Off
  • Swim Shop Voucher 10% Off